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Fort Worth, Texas 76110
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M - Th, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
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General Questions
Email the Main Office Main Office 817.926.9219
Becky Graham Senior Director of Accounting 817.926.9219 x104
Sharla Reichling Accounting Administrator 817.926.9219 x103
Lenita Randle-Moore Client Services Administrator 817.926.9219 x118
Liz M. Quinonez Accounting Assistant 817.926.9219 x120
Construction Services
Christine Panagopoulos Construction Director 817.920.9220
Ashley Hair Preconstruction Manager 817.920.9220
Johnny Montalvo Assistant Manager - Preconstruction 817.920.9220
Eli Tarin Construction Manager 817.920.9220
John Collins Assistant Construction Manager 817.920.9220
Nate Calzada Assistant Construction Manager 817.920.9220
Ambrosia Infanzon Construction Coordinator 817.920.9220
Jacob Lara Construction Coordinator 817.920.9220
Michael Williams Construction Coordinator 817.920.9220
Dean Talladino Construction Driver 817.920.9220
Christie Savage Construction Administrator 817.920.9220
Development & Volunteer Services
Lydia Traina Senior Director of Development/Public Relations 817.926.9219 x125
Jeremy Byrd Director of Volunteers & Events 817.926.9219 x132
Lauren Harris Director of Leadership Giving 817.926.9219 x117
Brett Barnett Sponsor Relations Manager 817.926.9219 x127
Margie Curtis Grants & Publications Manager 817.926.9219 x106
Lauren Calzada Sponsor Relations Manager 817.926.9219 x124
Christina Lindsey Volunteer Services Coordinator 817.926.9219 x107
Summer Scheideman Development Coordinator 817.926.9219 x101
Family Program & Operations
Michelle Kennedy Senior Director of Operations 817.926.9219 x114
Brianna Strong Family and Community Specialist 817.926.9219 x109
Dalia Garcia Family Program Assistant 817.926.9219 x119
Debbie Bingham Closing Coordinator 817.926.9219 x112
Diana Velez Operations Coordinator 817.926.9219 x128
Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative / Advocacy / AmeriCorps
Angela Bills Community Outreach Director & AmeriCorps Site Supervisor

817.926.9219 x105

Darius Tse NRI AmeriCorps Member 817.926.9219 x130
Cody Hamilton Senior Director of ReStores 817.626.5000
Frances Manning Acquisitions Manager - New Materials 817.626.5000
Tony Zarate ReStore Donations Manager 817.692.6888 cell
Sylvester Abrego ReStore Assoicate - Driver 817.626.5000
  ReStore Assoicate - Driver 682.433.0006
Leanna Anderson ReStore Arlington Manager 682.433.0006
O'Dell Tannehill ReStore Arlington Assistant Manager 682.433.0006
Melissa Lopez ReStore Arlington Associate - Cashier 682.433.0006
Byron Daniels ReStore Johnson County Manager 817.556.2613
Weldon Blackwell ReStore North Manager 817.626.5000
  ReStore North Assistant Manager 817.626.5000
Bonnie Proctor ReStore North Associate - Cashier 817.626.5000
John Wilson ReStore North Associate - Stocker 817.626.5000
Randy Groschup ReStore South Manager 817.920.9203
Aubrey Savage ReStore South Assistant Manager 817.920.9203
Gage Yager Executive Director 817.926.9219 x113
Stacy Parks Executive Assistant 817.926.9219 x126
Jennifer Irvin Division Manager - Cleburne 817.992.6308