Most Committed Habitat Families Rewarded By Wells Fargo

- Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Did you know Habitat families not only pay an affordable mortgage for their Habitat home, they also invest at least 250 hours in sweat equity? These are hours spent helping build their home and their neighbors’ homes, attending financial education classes, and volunteering in their community. Recently, the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation rewarded two of […]

The Intangible Value of Homeownership

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Trinity Habitat for Humanity’s desire to help people become homeowners isn’t about fulfilling the American Dream, although it does that. It’s not merely about a financial investment in someone’s future, although there is an element of that. It’s about the ripple effects of homeownership, the intangible value of being a homeowner that has the power […]

Situations That Lead To A Need For Affordable Housing

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Need comes in many forms. Here are a handful of examples of the types of situations that lead to need for Habitat partner families. You might be surprised by how familiar they sound. Natural Disaster Struggling to make ends meet is stressful enough. When a natural disaster like a flood or tornado strike, not every […]

Dispelling the Top 7 Myths about Habitat for Humanity

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Trinity Habitat for Humanity strives to be transparent in all of our operations. We want you to know the whole truth about who we are and what we do. Myth #1 — Habitat Homes are handouts for the homeless. Not only are the homes we build not handouts, but the homeowners who move into these […]

Mary’s Story

MaryStory FeaturedImage - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

I still think this whole thing is a dream. It seems to me like there are other people that are so much more deserving than I am. I feel like me and the girls have been given everything we need. We have been so blessed by the people around us. I have worked at Chick-fil-A […]

Shelby’s Story

RiccoFamily - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Hello, my name is Shelby and I am currently building my house in the Hillside Morningside neighborhood. I have three kids and we live in a two-bedroom apartment that is nice enough, but they are trying to raise the rent. There is no place for the kids to play, so we don’t spend much time […]

Elizabeth’s Story

EDimFamily - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

When I lived in Burma life was difficult because we couldn’t afford to buy things that we needed and there wasn’t enough food. What little food there was, we had to grow ourselves. There was no way to get money and the government was bad. There was no one to go to for help. When […]