Cornerstone Volunteer: Jack Teddlie

A retired 5th and 6th grade math and science teacher, Jack Teddlie, has been a volunteer construction leader with Trinity Habitat since the fall of 2001. He started out working with a group called “Team Wednesday that works on Thursday.” He was trained by the veteran volunteers and served on a “flex crew” helping keep Trinity Habitat homes on schedule.

In 2006, when our Cornerstone Construction Leader program was formed, Jack naturally transitioned into it. His background in education has served him well in this role. Jack enjoys working with and teaching volunteers of all ages and skill levels.

Jack has lost count of how many houses he has helped build, but thinks he’s been the project manager on about 15 houses. Jack says, he “most enjoys the family of Cornerstone ‘givers.’  People who selflessly give of their time and energy in freezing or hot or wet weather.”

Jack loves working with the Habitat families, green volunteers, and the comradeship of the “green shirts.”  For Jack Habitat is his hunting, fishing, and golf all together with a much cheaper price tag.

Jack Teddlie Featured Cornerstone - Trinity Habitat for HumanitySome of Jack’s best memories have been seeing new members of Cornerstone catching ”Habititis” and being with Habitat families as they raise the first walls of their new homes.

Working with Trinity Habitat has afforded Jack the opportunity to also help with builds in Beaumont/Port Arthur, Thibodaux/Houma Louisiana, and three trips in support of the Habitat affiliate in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

What Trinity Habitat staff says about Jack:

You can tell that Jack is an educator at heart because of his ability to manage all of our volunteers so well! He is truly passionate about lifting up our community and I am always happy to see his smiling face out on the build site. -Meagan Bordelon, Volunteer Coordinator

Jack is a very kind guy to work with – just a pleasure at all times. Nothing bothers Jack. He is so good with the volunteers and he is great with his co-workers. -Lari Waites, Construction Administrator

The thing I love about working with Jack is that nothing ruffles his feathers. He also looks forward to working with high school and college students.  With his background in education, he loves working and teaching kids and can communicate with them in ways that is often difficult for others. -Christine Panagopoulos, Senior Director of Construction

Jack Teddlie is a great leader who knows how to get the job done effectively with volunteers, while still maintaining a fun and safe work environment. Jack is always ready to help and give helpful tips to insure the volunteers have the best experience. -Christopher Hernandez, Construction Manager

Interested in supporting our project managers in completing construction projects and teaching volunteers? Consider going through our training and becoming a Cornerstone Construction Leader. To those considering the program, Jack says, “Try it. You will gain far more than you can give.” Learn more about Cornerstone

Want to volunteer, but not quite ready to lead others? Join us as a regular volunteer on a build site. No construction experience required! Our friendly Cornerstone Construction Leaders will teach you everything you need to know. Come as an individual and make new friends or as a group for a meaningful team-building experience. Learn more about volunteering

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