COVID-19 Update: Habitat Families are STRONGER thanks to donors and volunteers

“We thank God our finances are in order because of our affordable Habitat mortgage! Habitat truly prepared my grandchildren and me to get through COVID-19! We are so grateful to the many hands that went into building our home!” – Rachel Williams

Local Habitat families are making it through the COVID-19 crisis. Because of our donors and volunteers, Habitat families have built financial stability and a safe home for themselves and their children.

Janessea Leadley, who built her Habitat home last year, shared that because of her affordable Habitat mortgage she was able to take leave (and a pay cut) to care for her boys and help with their schooling. She said, “without Habitat, I don’t know how we would have made it through this pandemic.”

COVID-19 - Thank You Collage

Trinity Habitat has partnered with more than 700 local families in building safe and affordable homes. All these families were better prepared to face this crisis. 

What if home wasn’t a safe place to shelter?

Last year, Khadijah Campbell, her sons, and her nephew moved into their Habitat home. Before that, they lived in an apartment that would flood when it rained, which led to mold the landlord wouldn’t fix. That mold made Khadijah and her boys’ asthma even worse. She is so grateful they are now in their healthy Habitat home. Khadijah said, “I can’t even imagine having to shelter in place 24/7 in that unhealthy apartment.” 

Local families, like Khadijah’s and Janessea’s, are in need of safe and affordable homes – now more than ever! With every passing day, families who live paycheck-to-paycheck find themselves struggling to keep a decent roof over their heads. The lack of affordable housing in our community already had local families living in constant uncertainty, stress, and fear. And now, resources are even more limited for these families as they attempt to withstand the devastating financial impact of COVID-19.

We are so grateful to our volunteers and donors who are helping Trinity Habitat build back! With their support, more local families will have a safe roof over their head and a solid foundation under their feet…something every family needs to succeed. 

Want to help us serve more families? Pick one of the many simple ways you can help us build back:

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