Elizabeth’s Story

When I lived in Burma life was difficult because we couldn’t afford to buy things that we needed and there wasn’t enough food. What little food there was, we had to grow ourselves. There was no way to get money and the government was bad. There was no one to go to for help.

When we came to America I felt excited and filled with hope because this country is the country that was lifted by God. We could see there were many doors opened. Also, because there’s no division of race. The last part (which is also my favorite), is we get to go to SCHOOL and we don’t need to pay for it! The day I came to AMERICA was the day I said to myself that I will NOT become just any ordinary person.

When we moved to America we lived in Dallas in an apartment. We stayed there for about three days until we moved to Fort Worth. We continuously began living in apartments until we found Habitat. Now we are safe and sound in a house full of happiness and love. Living in the apartments was not that great because we didn’t feel safe or secure and we didn’t have that much freedom to go outside and play whenever we wanted to. Life is different now that we have a house because there’s more freedom here, we can plant gardens and we can play anywhere we want.

For myself, I see a future full of HOPE and SUCCESS because there are lots and lots of opportunities for me and my sisters here. Even though my story began with being poor and negative things, I know that my story is going to continue and end with success because the author of my story is God who is my father. He’s not just any ordinary Author but an author who will bring hope, peace, and success to my story, for he himself said in Jeremiah 29:11,“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

If we were to continue the way we lived in Burma, there would be NO hope and NO future because I wouldn’t be able to go to school. But now, when I grow up I am going to be a pediatrician because to me, when a child is sick or in bad health, the whole entire family falls apart and so I want to be the one who puts it back together and restore their hope to live in happiness like how Trinity Habitat restored me and my family’s hope and happiness. I also want to provide for my family and help my parents live the rest of their lives with no worries.

Through Trinity Habitat I see compassion because y’all are helping people that are in need. Even though they are strangers, y’all treat them as if they were your families. You are shining your light before people and setting an example of how Jesus is. And this is EXACTLY what we are ALL called to do, and I hope and ENCOURAGE that you’ll continue this ministry. THANK YOU!

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