Family’s New Beginning with Trinity Habitat

Dora Estrada had to start from scratch when she left her husband. He was abusing alcohol and for Dora it was unacceptable to raise her two daughters in that environment. The only items they took with them were a few blankets and an air mattress. The family currently lives in a one-bedroom duplex where the girls share the air mattress and Dora uses a twin bed. Despite keeping their home very clean, the family has to deal with an infestation of roaches from their neighbor that their landlord won’t do anything about.

Dora wants to provide better for her daughters and applying to purchase a Habitat home is the latest bold step she has taken to do just that. Since being accepted as a Trinity Habitat partner, Dora has been investing hundreds of sweat equity hours helping build her future neighbors’ homes, going to financial education classes, and volunteering in the community where she will help build her own Habitat home. With the support of donors and volunteers, construction on The Estrada’s Habitat home should start later this year.

Recently, Dora and her daughters had an opportunity to see the Trinity Habitat Model Home for the first time. You can see from their reactions in the video below that they are excited about moving into their own Habitat home. Dora’s youngest daughter is planning to paint her room pink and to have her very own princess bed.

 “God has truly answered my prayers. You are making my wish and dreams come true. This is a great blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Dora Estrada

In addition to investing 250 sweat equity hours, Dora will have an affordable mortgage for her Habitat home. For approximately the same amount she is paying for substandard living conditions, she will have a quality-built, clean, safe home. And, instead of paying rent, Dora will begin building equity in her home with each monthly house payment – a legacy she can leave her daughters.

“Owning a Habitat home will make a big difference in my family’s life. I can just imagine calling it ours and it brings great joy into my heart.
My hope and dream for my family is for us to always live in a happy and safe environment. I believe Habitat is the best way for me to do this. Homeownership will give me financial stability and peace of mind. It will also give us a stable place to gather as a family to make great memories.” – Dora Estrada

Because the construction of Trinity Habitat’s homes are funded through donors, Habitat families’ monthly house payments pay it forward to help future Habitat families. If you would like to help get The Estrada Family into their new Habitat home later this year, please consider making a donation at

You can learn more about our Build A Home program at

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