Habitat Heroes 2021

perrin - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Perrin Mack during our 2021 Women Build

Habititus Award: Perrin Mack and Juan Torres

This award goes to individuals who are relatively new to our organization and have been bitten by the Habi-bug and now have “habititus”.

Perrin Mack

Since 2020, Perrin Mack has served as our Women Build Project Manager and has been a loyal volunteer with our Cornerstone program for many years.

“Perrin is a calm and welcoming face on site. Her desire to help our homeowners is evident as she works hard with whatever task is asked of her. I look forward to the continued growth and commitment that we will see in Perrin. She is a blessing to our Cornerstone program and the other Cornerstone members love working side by side with her.” Christine Panagopoulos, Senior Director of Construction

juan - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Juan Torres on our build site

Juan Torres

Juan began volunteering on our build sites in early 2020 and quickly became a fan of the Habitat mission. He has led a Habitour, been out on multiple volunteer events and is a recurring donor.

“Juan is the volunteer that you want to see on site! He is friendly and always ready to work. He is constantly sharing about our mission on social media, inviting his friends onto build sites and being a perfect Trinity Habitat ambassador. We are so grateful for his involvement.” Elizabeth Tejada, Volunteer Coordinator

TCU Habitat - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Cassandra Lambros, TCU Habitat President

Youth Award: Texas Christian University Habitat for Humanity Chapter

An award given to groups and individuals who have come out to volunteer over 5 days throughout the year and have a great involvement in the mission. Can be a high school, university, or youth organization.

We nominated TCU Habitat for the youth award after dedicated years of service! We appreciate them taking time out of their busy school schedules to help give back to their communities. They are the first ones to reach out and reserve multiple build days throughout the year. “It has truly been a pleasure to work with TCU Habitat and their volunteers. I have been connected with their president, Cassandra, for 2 years now and she is the best. I am saddened that she will be graduating next year but am excited to meet the new contact and continue this great volunteer partnership.” Elizabeth Tejada, Volunteer Coordinator

The Lidia Perez Good Neighbor Award: Cristal Pedraza

This award is given for involvement of individuals and organization in our cities, city departments, neighborhood residences, other nonprofits in efforts of being a “good neighbor.”

Cristal Pedraza is a 2009 Habitat family partner. Because of her Habitat home, she had the ability to open her home to her friend Rosie Ramirez and her boys for a year to help them get stabilized in Fort Worth after moving from Arizona. Cristal’s home gave Rosie the idea to apply to qualify for her own Habitat Home and as of January 2022, Rosie’s home is complete, and she will be able to move in soon! Thank you, Cristal, for being a good neighbor.

candy - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Candy Bauer, Lowe’s store manager and Trinity Habitat board member, with Sandra Houston, Corporate Sponsor Relations Manager

Corporate Partner Award: Lowe’s Home Improvement 

Lowe’s has given almost $400,000 to Trinity Habitat for Humanity in the span of the last 5 years. They helped us in 2020 with $136,000 in donations and this past year, they donated supplies and lumber for our home construction projects. Lowe’s women employees have also been a part of our annual Women Build for many years. Thank you Lowe’s for your partnership.

Faith Partner Award: First United Methodist Church of Arlington

First United Methodist Church of Arlington have given almost $125,000 to Trinity Habitat for Humanity since 2002. In 2020, they donated $10,000 towards our mission.

Golden Heart Award: Gracepoint Media, Barbara Asbury, Family Healthcare Associates, UNT Health Science Center Habitat for Humanity and In loving memory of John Howard- First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth

An award for those dedicated to Trinity Habitat’s mission through a variety of ways, like volunteering or serving as a board member.

conor - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Conor Lee from Gracepoint Media (right) and Trinity Habitat CEO, Gage Yager

Gracepoint Media

Gracepoint Media has worked with Trinity Habitat for many years being able to capture and tell the stories of many of our families. We thank them for being available to help us capture our event magic.

golden heart - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Barbara Asbury and Senior Director of Operations, Michelle Kennedy

Barbara Asbury

Barbara Asbury has worked for the City of Fort Worth for many years in compliance.  She has believed in the work of Trinity Habitat and championed us as a significant community partner to serve more people in the Fort Worth community.  Because the nature of her work has kept her working “behind the scenes” many do not of her big heart for senior citizens living on fixed income. To the end, she has help us build a successful Preserve-A-Home program helping senior citizens in the Fort Worth community to age in place.

unt hsc - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
UNTHSC Habitat volunteering during Fall 2021 Cowtown Brush Up

UNT Health Science Center Habitat for Humanity Chapter

We chose UNTHSC Habitat for Humanity for this award because they are selfless leaders. They have the biggest hearts of services and dedicated countless hours to volunteering to help our Habitat mission through volunteering on our build sites and events like our Cowtown Brush Up. We are so grateful to the young men and women who take time out of their hectic school and work schedules to dedicate time towards our mission. We could not do the work we do without great volunteers like UNTHSC Habitat for Humanity.

IMG 1513 - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Family Healthcare Associates volunteering in Fall 2021 Cowtown Brush Up

Family Healthcare Associates

Family Healthcare Associates have had teams participating in our Cowtown Brush Up event for 11 years and have painted over 20 homes! They continuously help us continue to serve our families in the Fort Worth community and bettering our neighborhoods.

In loving memory of - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

In loving memory of John Howard, First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth

First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth has been a faithful partner of ours for several years. This year, one of our Golden Heart awards went to FUMC Fort Worth in memory of their Executive Director, John Howard, who unfortunately passed away late last year. John had a kind soul and was a joy to work with on volunteer projects. We are so grateful for John’s dedication to Trinity Habitat and the church’s support of our mission throughout the years.

betsy - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Former Mayor Betsy Price and Trinity Habitat CEO, Gage Yager

The Jim Hargrove’s Spirit Award: Former Mayor of Fort Worth, Betsy Price

This award goes to someone who demonstrates the love and teachings of Jesus Christ throughout their service to and with Trinity Habitat.

Betsy Price has had a long partnership with Trinity Habitat. She has helped us sell lots many years ago, has been a volunteer at our events and been a gracious donor to our mission. Her selfless and wonderful leadership is admired and appreciated.

hope tinsley - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Hope Tinsley (right), Habitat board member, with friends at 2018 Downtown Build House Party

Buildstrong Champion Award: Hope Tinsley and Dara Austin

Our annual BuildStrong Lunch is our largest fundraiser. This award goes to individuals with outstanding participation over the years as an Ambassador and/or Table Captain to help each BuildStrong Lunch have the most success possible.

Hope Tinsley

Hope Tinsley has been a generous donor and volunteer with Trinity Habitat for Humanity for 12 years. Hope enjoys introducing new people to Habitat through our HabiTours and annual BuildStrong Fundraising Luncheon.

Dara Austin

Dara has had a passion for Habitat for many years.  She has helped to facilitate almost half a million in gifts and hundreds of volunteers helping White’s Chapel build 16 homes.  Dara also opened the doors of White’s Chapel to host the Habitat Texas Conference in 2021.

Storehouse Award: The Morris Foundation, Rainwater Charitable Foundation and Tarrant County Housing Finance Corporation

The Morris Foundation

The Morris Foundation has donated over $500,000 to the Trinity Habitat for Humanity mission.

Rainwater Charitable Foundation

Rainwater Foundation has donated over $500,000 to the Trinity Habitat for Humanity mission.

Tarrant County Housing Finance Corporation

The Tarrant County Housing Finance Corporation has donated over $1 million to the Trinity Habitat for Humanity mission.


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