Habitat Highlights 2017

Thank you to our volunteers, donors, and sponsors for an AMAZING 2017! Together, we have been able to accomplish so much good! Here are just a few of the highlights from this year…

34 New Homes

Habitat Families 2017 - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Volunteers worked alongside Habitat families to help them build their quality, affordable homes. In 2017, we took a huge leap forward in our multi-year neighborhood revitalization initiative – 34 new homes! Since 2015, 41 new homes in Como, 33 in Hillside Morningside, and 19 in Carver Heights East.

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Interfaith Build

Interfaith Build 2017 Play Button - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

In November, we had Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims all working alongside Sohail on his family’s new home. Sohail served the US military as a translator in Afghanistan at great risk to his own family. Two of Sohail’s fellow translators also built homes with Trinity Habitat this year.

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$1.1 Million Raised at Buildstrong Lunch

Buildstrong Lunch - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Our most successful Buildstrong lunch ever! Thank you to all of our Ambassadors for inviting friends and colleagues throughout the year to HabiTours. These tours are the best way to learn about Trinity Habitat and include a tour of our model home. HabiTours throughout the year lead up to our Buildstrong Lunch. This November, we had over 550 in attendance and raised $1.1 Million!!! Habitat families told their stories and shared how their lives have been forever transformed thanks to our donors.

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Fortified Gold!

Fortified - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Our volunteers are building the ONLY homes in Texas built to the FORTIFIED Gold Standard. This means the homes are designed to withstand edge-of-tornado-speed winds, keeping families safe and allowing them to qualify for insurance discounts. This new standard is in addition to the Energy Star 3.0 rating of our new homes!

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XTO Build in Sundance Square

Downtown - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Our partner, XTO Energy, joined us once again in Sundance Square to build a home! Tayilo, who loved working alongside XTO volunteers, is most excited about being able to now save for her daughter’s college! We had hundreds join us for our House Party where they toured the home and enjoyed the classic motown tunes of Legacy 7. We’ll be building again in Sundance Square the last week of March, so plan to come watch another house be built in a week!

Volunteer Days Now Available!
January – March

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Making A Difference Abroad

The DR - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

In August, our Executive Director, Gage Yager, led a group of 15 Trinity Habitat volunteers to the Dominican Republic on a Global Village trip. The team painted the exterior of homes bright pastel colors, mortared joints of a newly constructed Habitat home, and most importantly replaced dirt floors with concrete, which dramatically increases the health and wellbeing of the families. We are taking teams to El Salvador and Kenya in 2018 and would love for you to join us! In fact, we have an Info Session on January 11, if you want to learn more.

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One Day = One Home

One Day - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Rachel and her grandchildren’s new Habitat home was entirely funded in a single day! We are so grateful to the hundreds of individual donors who came together for North Texas Giving Day to raise over $85,000 to make Rachel’s home a reality! Want to help another family this Christmas? Make a gift to Trinity Habitat.

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We have big plans for 2018. Stay tuned!

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