Gigi’s Home to be built in 30 hours for Trinity Habitat’s 30th Anniversary!

In celebration of Trinity Habitat for Humanity’s 30th Anniversary, we’re building Gigi’s home in only 30 hours! Sponsors and volunteers will be working alongside Gigi on October 3 and 4. Then, on Saturday, October 5, you’re invited to help us celebrate at our Backyard Bash. We’ll have dinner, drinks, and dancing! Plus, you’ll be able to meet Gigi and her kids and tour their new home!

Gigi - Building Strong with Trinity Habitat - 30th Anniversary

Gigi survived the Rwandan genocide, escaped an abusive husband, and is now working hard in partnership with Trinity Habitat to build a better life for her three children.

In 1990, during the Rwandan civil war Gigi lost her parents. In the genocide that followed in 1994, many of her aunts and uncles were killed as well. Gigi was one of many orphans in the country until she was adopted by a loving Rwandan family in 1998.

Gigi is so grateful that she was eventually able to move to the United States. Sadly, she ended up in an abusive marriage. By 2013, it was something she and her children could no longer endure, so Gigi took her children from New York to Fort Worth. They were able to get into a shelter that helped them start over. With the support of others, Gigi found a good job and has been working hard to rebuild her life ever since.

Gigi’s children adore her! They vividly remember someone stealing their room at the shelter and their mom telling them that maybe the other person needed it more. They moved into a room with another family and made due.

We invited Gigi’s three children in to tell us what they thought about their mom being approved to purchase a Habitat home. Their answers are hilarious, especially when we asked them how they thought the rooms should be divided up. Enjoy getting to know Gigi’s children in the video below.

In preparation for her home, Gigi has already completed 235 of her 250 sweat equity hours – what Habitat requires in place of a down payment. As a part of these hours, Gigi has been helping build her future neighbors’ homes, going to financial and homeownership classes, and volunteering in Como, where her home will be located. Her remaining 15 hours will be spent working alongside our sponsors and volunteers building her own home during our 30-Hour Build!

This quality, affordable Habitat home will provide the stability Gigi has so desperately wanted for her children. They will no longer have to move every time their rent increases. Gigi will be able to have an affordable Habitat mortgage and won’t need to make difficult decisions between basic necessities for her children or paying a utility bill. With the help of our sponsors and volunteers, Gigi will be able to provide a stable foundation for her family to grow and thrive!

Trinity Habitat's Backyard Bash -

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