In the Community, For the Community, By the Community

Habitat for Humanity is a community driven organization. We are present in the community, work for the community, and accomplish everything we do because of the efforts and generosity of our community.

In the community

We live here. We may be part of an international organization, but the Trinity Habitat branch of Habitat for Humanity is local. We operate under a separate budget, do our own fundraising, and have our own staff. Every staff member, volunteer, donor, and sponsor is part of this community. The families we help are our neighbors. Our kids go to school together. We shop in the same grocery stores, drive on the same roads, attend the same worship services, and watch the same weather forecasts. As part of the community, we’re in this with you.

For the community

We are for you. We don’t just build homes; we build communities. In Fort Worth, we’ve strategically chosen to focus on three neighborhoods:

These neighborhoods represent West, Central, and East Fort Worth respectively. The reason behind this strategy is simple: an influx of empowered homeowners revives neighborhoods.. New homes transform unkempt pieces of land into property with value. New home builds improve the property values of nearby homes. When motivated homeowners (like Habitat families) move in, they bring intangible value to any neighborhood. Habitat’s presence in neighborhoods has been shown to decrease crime rates in those areas. Our desire for these specific neighborhoods is to show families in the community that we are with them and for them.

It’s about more than just building homes. It’s about changing life trajectories. There are any number of reasons families find themselves in need. At Habitat we are very clear about the help we provide to low-income families being a hand up and not a hand out. That being said, our focus is to help Habitat families create a foundation for a better life..

Instead of families being forced to bounce from location to location to find the best lease rates, we want them to have the stability of living in one location. Instead of their kids living in unhealthy and unsafe rentals, we want them to have safe, healthy homes. Instead of feeling helpless to save enough money for a college education, we want families to be able to dream big dreams for future generations.

By the community

Habitat for Humanity is a community driven program. The volunteers, donors, and sponsors in this community make everything possible. We literally couldn’t do it without you.

  • Volunteers provide the manpower to get homes built, but that’s not all. You also provide onsite hospitality and lunches, help with office tasks, and raise awareness of our mission.
  • Donors support the work we do financially. Whether you give $5 or $5,000, whether your company gives us paintbrushes or lumber, whether you donate a doorknob or an entire stock of ceramic tile to our ReStore, your generosity gets the job done.
  • Sponsor companies provide volunteers, make donations, and put your organization’s name alongside ours for the good of others.

The work we do together is in the community, for the community, and by the community. We are thankful for all you do.

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