Move-In Day for Rachel & Her Grandkids

Hundreds of individual donors joined together to raise $85,000 on North Texas Giving Day 2017 to help Rachel Williams build a Habitat home for herself and her four grandchildren.

In 2014, Rachel Williams became the primary caregiver for her four grandchildren. “It was a transition going from fun Nana to disciplinarian,” Rachel recalls. “I was living in a two-bedroom apartment at the time and had to quickly find something with more space. I figured out my budget to make it work, but then each year my rent, electricity, and water kept going up, causing me to live paycheck to paycheck. There were times when I had to reach out to family and friends for help with rent and food.”

Trinity Habitat for Humanity selected Rachel and her grandchildren to be the benefactors of their One Day = One Home campaign which ran in conjunction with the 2017 North Texas Giving Day. Donors immediately began connecting with Rachel’s story and were eager to offer a hand up. Everyone wanted this home, this foundation for a better life, for Rachel and her grandchildren.

Rachel Williams - Move-In Day - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

North Texas Giving Day was an exciting day as donors crept ever closer to their goal to fund Rachel’s entire home. It was truly one twenty-five, fifty, or hundred dollar donation at a time. Finally at midnight on September 14, 2017, Rachel’s entire home was funded – $85,000! Entirely by individuals!

North Texas Giving Day donors were invited to help build the home they funded. Rachel was on the build site every day working alongside volunteers and showering them with gratitude.

On move in day, the kids raced into the house running from room to room and rolling all over the carpet. They excitedly grabbed boxes and started unloading them into their new rooms.

Rachel invested over 250 sweat equity hours in place of a down payment and now has an affordable mortgage. This quality, safe, affordable home not only brings her financial peace of mind, but is also a legacy for her grandchildren.

Thank you is not enough to express the love and appreciation I feel for everyone. You are a blessing and an answered prayer. You are truly the hands and heart of God.” -Rachel Williams

For North Texas Giving Day this year, Trinity Habitat has set a bold goal to fund another family’s entire home – $87,000 in a single day! Want to join together with your fellow North Texans and make a difference in the life of a family in need of a hand up? You can meet the Campbell Family and schedule your North Texas Giving Day donation today at This is the best time to give because donations are DOUBLED and every donation of $25 or more enters Trinity Habitat to win bonus funds to help the Campbell Family. Join us for North Texas Giving Day 2018!

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