“My name is Ollen Mullis and I am Habitat!”

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Fort Worth, TEXAS, USA (09/09/2022) – Ollen Mullis during the build of a home with homeowners Arnulfo Gonzalez, a U.S. Army veteran, and his wife Crystal in Fort Worth, TX. This was a joint operation between Cars for Homes and Veterans Build…© Habitat for Humanity International/Raymond McCrea Jones Joint Cars for Homes/Veterans Build project in Fort Worth, TX Sept. 9-10, 2022.

“…I was looking for an opportunity to help others, be outside, work with my hands, and
have tangible results at the end of the day…
Trinity Habitat for Humanity’s Cornerstone Construction program checked all my boxes!

– Ollen Mullis, graduated from Cornerstone College in 2019.

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Q. What career or profession were you involved in before joining Habitat as a Cornerstone leader on our construction sites?

A. I was a thin films process engineer working in semiconductor manufacturing. I worked 23 years at National Semiconductor followed by 7 years at Texas Instruments.

Q. What initially drew you to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?

A. My father was a carpenter & I admired the work he did to support our family. I knew before retiring that in retirement I wanted to be involved with something that helped others & gave back to the community.

and how did you first get involved with the organization?

A. After traveling overseas for several months immediately after retiring I began coming out to THFH sites as an individual volunteer. Besides helping others, I enjoy being outdoors (except in the heat!), working with my hands & having tangible results at the end of the day, so Trinity Habitat for Humanity hit all my buttons!

Q. How have the skills or experiences from your previous career or profession translated into your work on the Habitat for Humanity construction site?

A. While the units of measurement I was accustomed to using are quite different (microns or Angstroms vs inches & feet) I enjoy bringing pride of workmanship & precision to my work on THFH sites & projects. As a former engineer, I enjoy problem-solving & coming up with different approaches or solutions to issues that arise on the work site.

Q. What is a memorable experience or project from your time with Trinity Habitat for Humanity that reaffirmed your passion for the work?

A. While working on one house, one of the volunteers assigned to me mentioned that she’d been in her THFH house for 2 years at that point but she still signs up to help new THFH neighbors with constructing their new homes. I found that to be a remarkably selfless & admirable mindset.

Additionally, attending the annual BuildStrong Lunch and hearing the partner families express how having a safe and affordable home enabled them to achieve other life goals, such as completing college for themselves or their children, was incredible impactful.

These moments serve as a powerful reminder of why I continue to volunteer at Trinity Habitat despite the bruises, soreness, and stiffness I inevitably experience. These experiences rejuvenate my interest and passion for volunteering and make every moment spent on the job site worthwhile.

Q. What aspects of Habitat for Humanity’s mission stand out to you?

A. I am impressed by Trinity Habitat’s dedication to collaborating with partner families. They focus on strengthening their credit history/score and other factors to enhance their chances of being approved for a Habitat home. Additionally, they offer education on family finances and DIY home repairs.

In my opinion, THFH goes above and beyond to help deserving families secure affordable, energy-efficient, and well-built homes. They also strive to maintain affordability for homeowners by facilitating access to Habitat homes for qualifying families.

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