Owning A Home Will Boost Audra’s Confidence As A Single Parent

“Owning a home will give me a confidence I’ve never had as a single parent.” -Audra Sapp

Audra and her children, Hayven and Titan, have moved from one small, rundown apartment to the next. They have dealt with roach infestations, bed bugs, and worst of all – mold the landlord would not fix that made Hayven’s asthma worse.

As a single parent with one income, Audra was not able to qualify for anything better. It is only with an affordable Habitat mortgage that she will finally be able to provide a stable, healthy environment for her children to grow and thrive. Audra said, “I’ve never known what it is like to parent from a place of stability. This will be life changing!” 

Alcon Build with Audra Sapp - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Audra’s mom and sister worked alongside Audra and Alcon employees building her family’s home.

This will also be the first time in twelve years that Audra will have her own room and not share with one of her children. Each member of the family is looking forward to having their own room! Hayven, who is an artist, chose the bedroom with the most wall space to display her art.

Audra works near Como and would drive through the neighborhood during her lunch breaks. Her dream was to one day own one of those beautiful Habitat homes. Thanks to the support of Trinity Habitat and the Alcon Foundation, her dream is coming true. And with Titan starting school next year, Audra loves that she will be able to walk him around the corner to school each day. She is excited for her family to be a part of the dramatic transformation occurring in this historic Fort Worth neighborhood.

Hand Up, Not a Handout

As a part of her 200 sweat equity hours, Audra worked alongside Alcon employees to build her Habitat home. In place of our annual Alcon Build in Sundance Square, Audra and the volunteers built her home on the Trinity Habitat campus. It will soon be moved to the Como neighborhood.

Alcon Build with Audra Sapp - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Alcon is a global leader in eyecare focused on 20/20 vision. So, it was fitting that in 2020, they built their 20th Habitat home in partnership with their 20th Habitat family. We are extremely grateful for their generous and longstanding partnership in building strong families and neighborhoods!

Alcon Build with Audra Sapp - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Victory! Audra expressing her gratitude and excitement as she screws in the top plate for the framing of her new Habitat home.

Is your company, church, or organization interested in partnering with local families, like Audra’s, to build quality and affordable homes? Learn more about becoming a sponsor at TrinityHabitat.org/sponsor. We’d love to have you join us in building strong families and neighborhoods!

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