Deconstruction Services

Tearing down a house? We can help!

Depending on the house and situation, Trinity Habitat will work with you to salvage designated materials. For more information, contact Tony Zarate at or (817) 626-5000.

Seldom are all the valuable materials removed from houses and apartments scheduled for demolition. When Habitat for Humanity gets involved we deconstruct those units. Deconstruction means that we send a team of volunteers and project managers into those units with specific instructions on what and how to remove the items we want (and have permission to take).

Remodeling? We can pick up items your contractor removea and leaves on the curb, including usable building materials, cabinets, appliances, doors, windows, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, trim, furniture, and more! We offer Fast & FREE Pick Up and you can benefit from a tax write-off.

What Kinds of Items Do We Want?

Everything, of course, depends on ease of access, safety, quality, environmental concerns, and condition. In general, however, we like: kitchen and bathroom cabinets, sinks, and faucets; toilets; shower doors; hardwood flooring; appliances (in good working condition); doors; water heaters; heating and cooling units; windows; handrails; wood and chain link fences and gates; fuse/breaker boxes; light fixtures; and electrical switches and plates.

In general, we do no “structural” removal. That gets dangerous and environmental concerns tend to be more pronounced. For example, we will not tear down a wall to take out the lumber. Other items we are not interested in include used carpet, dysfunctional appliances, and shingles (we will consider tile shingles).

Our volunteers are in and out in a timely fashion and the homeowner will be issued an itemized donation receipt for tax purposes.

For more information, contact Tony Zarate at or (817) 626-5000.