These are important steps so customers start receiving email and text promotions from us and so donors get a thank you email and $5 coupon!

Examples: Deal Alerts – 1st Email | Donor – Thank You Email

Please make sure the Paper Sign-up Form is easily visible near your cash register with the Sign-up Promo Sign in a clear plastic stand. You can allow people to sign themselves up or fill it in for them.

Use the online form to log all donations where the donor provided at least their email address. If they say they want to receive Email and/or Text alerts, be sure to indicate that on their receipt or add them to the Paper Sign-up Form with a “D” and the date, so you know to choose that option when you submit their info on the online form.

By End-of-Day Every Tuesday: Please use the Submit Email/Text Sign-ups Form & Log Donations Form for all the previous week’s sign-ups and donations.

Those signing up for Deal Alerts will receive their confirmation email and $5 OFF coupon Wednesday or Thursday. Those who made a donation and provide an email will receive a Thank You email and $5 Off coupon. You can let people know they will get their first confirmation email and coupon within about a week. If they want it faster, they can follow the steps on the Self Sign-up Promo Signs posted around your store.


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Email Deal Alerts

Send 1-2 email deals a month to Elizabeth. You can include a couple deals each time and a photo. Here are some examples: