Single Mom Building a Better Life for Her Boys

The community is coming together for North Texas Giving Day on September 20 to help get the Campbell Family into their mold-free, healthy, affordable Habitat home. This quality home will be a foundation for a better life, and you can help make it a reality for this wonderful family!

Khadijah is a single mom working and going to school full time. She is only 20 hours away from her bachelor’s in business administration and management. With her new degree, her plan is to advance her career at the local bank where she currently works.

“I know my boys are watching me. I want them to see their mom succeed, so they know they can, too!”

See the boys’ surprise in the video below when they find out their mom has been approved to purchase a Habitat home.

Khadijah’s two-bedroom apartment was already overcrowded with her four boys, but then she also took in her three-year-old nephew. Khadijah had heard stories about the negative experience her nephew’s parents had in foster care and wanted better for him. Despite the added financial strain, she knew she could provide a better environment for him. “Family should be with family,” she said.

The family lives on the bottom floor and when it rains it floods inside. The landlord won’t fix it, and the issue has led to mold which is bad for Khadijah and her boy’s asthma. In addition to being a health issue, Khadijah ends up missing work when breathing treatments aren’t effective and she has to take one of the boys into the hospital. Missed time at work means a smaller paycheck and a tighter budget.

Campbell Boys - Trinity Habitat for Humanity
For Khadijah, having a quality, affordable Habitat home will feel like a weight lifted off her shoulders. She will work alongside volunteers to build her healthy home that will be free of water leaks and mold! The boys will have a yard to run around in, and there will be space for a dining room table for Khyrie, her little chef, to entertain the family. Her mortgage payment will be affordable, which means she can afford some extracurricular activities for the boys and can begin saving for their futures.

“I never thought a home was in my future. When I was approved to purchase a Habitat home, my spirit was lifted. I’m so grateful to donors and volunteers for opening their hearts.” – Khadijah Campbell

We need your help to build the Campbell Family’s Habitat home this year! For North Texas Giving Day, donations on September 20 are being DOUBLED and will go directly to support the construction of the Campbell Family’s new Habitat home! This is the best time of the year to make a donation in support of a Habitat family! Every donation of $25 or more enters Trinity Habitat to win bonus funds and prizes to help the Campbell Family. You can learn more and schedule your donation now at

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Thank you for your gifts in support of the Campbell Family and for helping spread the word!

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