Spring Cleaning with a Purpose

It can be difficult to muster the motivation to do spring cleaning chores. The warmer weather brings the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, but spring fever will be around for a while. Get a jump on spring cleaning with this motivation in mind: your weekend spent doing chores could benefit other families besides your own. If you won’t do it for you, will you do it for a Habitat family?

Basic Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Work from inside to outside. Bags of trash and donation piles will probably find their way to the garage. There’s no sense in cleaning out the garage only for these piles to bring disorder to the tidiness.
  2. Clean one room at a time. Progress is motivating. Once you see results in one room you’re more likely to move on to another room. On the flip side, the chaos of cleaning out an entire house at the same time is a big deterrent to ever wanting to do spring cleaning again.
  3. Clean from top to bottom, literally. Clean ceiling fan blades, door frames, top shelves, etc. first. Any dirt that breaks loose will fall on lower surfaces you’ll clean later. If you switch the order, you’ll end up cleaning some surfaces more than once.

Organizing The Mess
When you’re cleaning out closets, drawers, cabinets, garages, attics, and storage facilities sort your items into the following categories:

  • Keep
  • Trash
  • Recycle
  • Donate

Once all of the items are categorized, you only have to organize the items you plan to keep.

Even if your spring cleaning process involves a bit of renovation or remodeling, don’t just throw away the old items. There’s a good chance it’s something our ReStores could sell and you could receive a receipt for a tax write-off.

Where To Take Donations
Here’s a list of all the things Trinity Habitat for Humanity ReStores will accept as donations. Bring it to your nearest ReStore, or schedule a time for us to pick it up.

  • Cabinets (complete with doors)
  • Doors and windows   
  • Floor tile / hardwood flooring (3 boxes minimum)
  • Carpet (at least 8’X10’ and clean)
  • Latex paint (full or near-full cans, with labels, not rusted)
  • Plumbing fixtures (in working condition)
  • Light fixtures (in working condition)
  • Water heaters (in working condition)
  • Air Conditioning units (in working condition)
  • Appliances (working and saleable, less than 12 years old)
  • Lumber (8’ long or longer pieces)
  • Plywood and sheetrock (at least ½ sheets)
  • Wrought iron / ornamental pieces
  • Tools
  • Most other useable residential building materials
  • Wood Furniture (no beds) (dressers, tables, etc.)

While we don’t accept clothing, toys, or homegoods, other charitable organizations in the area do. Check with the following organizations to see what donations they’ll put to good use:

Gently used books, movies,and CDs will gladly be accepted by Friends of the Fort Worth Library.

Stay Motivated
You’ve seen the donation possibilities now. As you begin cleaning, keep the individuals these organizations serve in mind. It will keep you motivated and hopefully prevent some hoarding tendencies.

Here’s a checklist to use as you clean. See you at the donation center!

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