Strong Mom Committed to Building A Better Community for Her Boys

Starting March 26, 2019, Janessea Leadley will be building her Habitat home with Alcon employees in Sundance Square – right in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. After her home is built, it will be moved to the Hillside Morningside neighborhood, just south of downtown near I-35 and Rosedale.

Alcon with Leadley Family in Sundance Square | Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Janessea lived in Hillside Morningside when she was little and knows how rough the area used to be. Her parents got swept up in drugs and criminal activity and ended up in prison. At the age of eight, Janessea was shot in the head when gang members started shooting at her aunt’s house. She was an innocent bystander asleep in bed.

Janessea knows what a bad environment is, and she’s always wanted to provide better for her boys. She’s excited to see the transformation occurring in her old neighborhood and to know that she and her boys are helping make it even better!  

Rebuilding a community that most have forgotten helps the community care once again. It gives hope to those who have been hopeless.
– Janessea Leadley, Habitat Homebuyer

Hillside Morningside is one of three partner neighborhoods Trinity Habitat has been working in since 2015. Since that time, volunteers, donors, and community partners have worked together in Hillside Morningside to build 49 new Habitat homes and rehabbed ten existing homes. Trinity Habitat’s commitment is to build 60-80 homes by 2021.

Hillside Morningside Halfway Point Update

Janessea’s motivation is her boys, Elijah & Elan. The family used to live in Saginaw, because they loved the school district. However, without regular financial support from her brother, Janessea wasn’t able to afford the rent and the family’s basic needs. Being a single mom, it was hard to balance work at the post office, her boys, and taking care of her disabled mom.

Leadley Family | Trinity Habitat for Humanity
To make things easier financially, Janessea recently moved into her dad’s three-bedroom apartment. He and his wife have a room, his wife’s mom has a room, and Janessea and her boys share the third bedroom. They are making due, but moving into their Habitat home can’t come soon enough! They also found an affordable first-floor apartment for Janessea’s mom, which is very close to where their Habitat home will be located.

The Leadley Family is looking forward to moving into their Habitat home! They’ll each have their own room, the boys can safely run around in the backyard, and their house can be the family house for holidays and special occasions.

Being able to pay a mortgage she can afford, will be a huge burden lifted for Janessea! She will be self-reliant, no longer needing financial help from her brother or to live with her dad. She can start saving for her boys’ college and unexpected expenses.

Hand Up, Not a Handout
Trinity Habitat Families invest 250 sweat equity hours in place of a down payment and pay an affordable mortgage (on average $650/month).

It is very important to Janessea to give her boys a better life and to teach them to never give up. In her house, going to college is imperative. With the help of Habitat and Alcon, that dream can now come to life! Janessea will be able to afford tuition not only for her boys, but for herself as well.

Janessea wants to make the most of this opportunity to get ahead and plans to get a degree in business administration. She wants her boys to see that no matter what, it’s never too late to accomplish anything they really want.

Janessea is working hard and has sacrificed to help take care of her mom. Now others, like the employees of Alcon, are sacrificing to help her family. Janessea is so thankful and ready for this new start!

“With the help of God, Habitat, and all their partners, I am ready to enjoy life at its best!”
– Janessea Leadley, Habitat Homebuyer

Stop by Sundance Square

We’d love for you and your family join us! Events are planned Tuesday, March 26 – Saturday, March 30. Watch us build the home (8AM-8PM each day), attend a Lunch & Learn HabiTour, or join us for our Habitat House Party on Thursday evening. Plus, follow us all week at

Paying It Forward

The Leadley’s Habitat home has been funded by Alcon and built with many in-kind material donations, so Janessea’s house payments will go towards helping future Habitat families. Learn more about our Build A Home program.

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