Owning A Home Will Boost Audra’s Confidence As A Single Parent

Alcon Build with Audra Sapp - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

“Owning a home will give me a confidence I’ve never had as a single parent.” -Audra Sapp Audra and her children, Hayven and Titan, have moved from one small, rundown apartment to the next. They have dealt with roach infestations, bed bugs, and worst of all – mold the landlord would not fix that made […]

Alcon Build in Sundance Square 2019

Alcon Build in Sundance Square 2019 | Trinity Habitat for Humanity

For nearly 20 years, Alcon has partnered with Trinity Habitat for Humanity and built 18 homes alongside wonderful families. Last week, Alcon pulled off their first Habitat build in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, right in Sundance Square. More than a hundred Alcon employees worked alongside Janessea Leadley completing the exterior of her Habitat home […]

Strong Mom Committed to Building A Better Community for Her Boys

Leadley Family | Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Starting March 26, 2019, Janessea Leadley will be building her Habitat home with Alcon employees in Sundance Square – right in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. After her home is built, it will be moved to the Hillside Morningside neighborhood, just south of downtown near I-35 and Rosedale. Janessea lived in Hillside Morningside when […]