Volunteer Spotlight: Connie Grube

Connie Grube was one of Trinity Habitat’s first site hosts when the program began in 2010. Her husband, Jim, was already a Cornerstone Construction Leader and thought it would be a great way for Connie to join him out on the build sites. Connie recalls, “it seemed like a much better fit than my doing construction work.”

Our site hosts are responsible for creating a welcome and safe atmosphere that encourages volunteers to make the most of their day. Over the years, Connie has become a master at doing this and helps train our new site hosts by sharing her tips and tricks.

When Connie arrives out on a build site, she goes right to work. She begins pulling hard hats out and organizing the tool belts so it is easy for the volunteers to get going right away. With a big smile she goes around with a sharpie and painters tape to make all of the volunteers name tags.

Connie Grube - Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Throughout the day, Connie makes sure everyone has a task and redirects them to a construction leader if they’re feeling lost. The construction leaders love when Connie is out on the build site, because she helps keep the storage units with all of the building supplies very organized, which is a great help to them.

What Trinity Habitat staff says about Connie:

Connie is just the best. Not only does Connie have a heart for service, but she follows through in her actions. She loves people so well and always makes our volunteers feel welcomed on the build site. On multiple occasions, Connie has even brought out fresh baked goods and hot tea out to share with volunteers! -Meagan Bordelon, Volunteer Coordinator

My day goes better every time I see Connie. We are so blessed to have her – she cares about the volunteers and Cornerstone – she works so hard to keep them safe and happy!! -Lari Waites, Construction Administrator

Connie can get anyone to drink water, including President Carter and he was her toughest volunteer of all. -Christine Panagopoulos, Senior Director of Construction

Whether she’s bringing hot chocolate and warm bread or mouth-watering watermelon slices, Connie always goes the extra mile to take care of our volunteers and construction leaders! In fact, in 2014, Connie received Trinity Habitat’s Golden Heart award. Connie said it was the most touching recognition she’s ever received, especially when the “green shirt” project managers gave her a standing ovation. “I had known I was a help to the volunteers, but I didn’t realize what a difference a site host makes for the green shirts.  Their respect and approval meant the world.”

Trinity is so much like a family – people I can count on, people that really care about what they’re doing and why.  People who actually care about me, too.  I try to bring that feeling to a build site – that I care about the volunteer experience, that I care about the “green shirts” experience – that I can make everyone’s day a little easier, a little more fun.

I tell people Habitat is a no-lose proposition.  Everyone wins – the homeowner and the family certainly, but also the volunteers, the neighborhood, the entire community.  There are lots of organizations where I could volunteer, but I can’t think of another organization that is so effective at helping.  It feels good knowing my contribution (time OR money) makes such a big difference.

My favorite was the family in Mansfield – a mother and 2 pre-teen girls.  We were doing a final walk-through with them to be sure everything was right and they knew how things worked.  The girls were running through the house, pointing out where the sofa would go, where their bedrooms were, where the TV would be, and where they would put up the Christmas Tree.  How cool is that?  And I helped make that happen!

In her “previous life” Connie was a preschool teacher in San Diego. In addition to her work with Trinity Habitat, Connie is also an active volunteer with the YMCA and the Refugee Services of Texas. We are so grateful for Connie’s service to our organization and to have her as a part of the Trinity Habitat family!

Visit our Site Host page to learn more about becoming a site host with Trinity Habitat.

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