Cowtown Brush Up

Team Registration


Team Info

If different from Team Name (if sponsoring, name as you want it to appear on the T-shirt)
Including yourself. We need 20 volunteers per home. If you have less than 20, we will combine you with other teams. Non-sponsors can only have one team. If you are a sponsor and have more than 20, you can submit one team registration form OR multiple registration forms if you have different team names and team captains for each set of 20 volunteers. If your large team is not divisible by 20, then we will combine extras with other teams. For example, 30 volunteers will be a full team of 20 and the other 10 will be combined with 10 volunteers from other teams.

How many of each size do you need? Total should equal the total members on your team. If you need to adjust your T-shirts sizes, please contact by September 20.
If you are a full team, you need to provide all ladders - at least three ladders of varying heights is recommended per house, including step and extension. If you are a small team being combined with others, you should provide at least one ladder.

Team Captain

The team captain is our main point of contact and will attend the Team Captains Meeting (or send a representative). This meeting will be on Tuesday, October 15 at 6PM at Trinity Habitat's main office.

Become A Sponsor

Would your company or organization like to be recognized as an event sponsor or to guarantee participation? Your sponsorship goes to Trinity Habitat’s Preserve a Home program and will help cover the expense of supplies. Sponsorship is not required to participate. You are not making a payment now. A Trinity Habitat representative will contact you about payment options.